Is the Force With Us?

The 4 Nerds begin with Ed's adventure to the Charlotte Comic Con. Special guest Colter gives them the ins and outs of Cosplay & it's etiquette (3:28). Then they spend the majority of the time discussing likes & dislikes of Star Wars: The Last Jedi (30:20). Finally, they talk about their favorite subject, comics (99:21). Get your X-Wing fueled up with Kyber crystals. Is the Force with this podcast, I Don't Know Man?

Welcome to the Party, Pals

The 4 Nerds recover from their Justice League hangover with a deep dive into the new Avengers: Infinity War trailer (6:10). Then James & Daniel catch Ed and Nanney up with everything that went on with The Punisher on Netflix, and their feelings on the matter (39:56) before moving to their favorite subject, comics (63:18). They finish up with an intense discussion of everyone's favorite Christmas/non-Christmas movie, Die Hard. That's right, they get into the whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie (71:32). Does John McClane make it out of Nakatomi Plaza, I Don't Know Man.

Justice League

The 4 Nerds dive straight into the DCEU's newest installment, Justice League (3:52). Then comes the latest casting rumors from the same studio about Bubble Boy himself, Jake Gyllenhal (44:44). They travel to a different universe with first impressions of Marvel's newest Netflix series, The Punisher (55:26), and close with their favorite pastime, comics (64:57). And no, Nanney doesn't recommend Saga again. Do they Unite the "Seven?" I Don't Know Man...

Nerds vs. Trump

The 4 Nerds discuss the good, the bad, & the funny moments in Thor: Ragnarok(2:46) before moving to the most anticipated TV series review of the year, Stranger Things: Season 2; what the hell are demodogs?(30:17) They touch on some great comics such as God Complex & We Stand on Guard(62:15), and finally, the moment you've all been waiting for, IDKM gets political with the fancasting of The Donald as a comic book character.(74:36) So sit back & try not to get sucked into The Upside Down.


The 4 Nerds dive into gaming from the jump. Nanney, James, and special guest Arron Williams try and revive Daniel's love for video games 2:28). Ed joins the show via the IDKM Hotline to discuss which video games would make GOOD movies, because there have been so many debacles over the years (52:55). Finally they get to their favorite part, comics (76:57). Strap in for a fun ride down the Oregon Trail. I Don't Know Man.


The 4 Nerds kick it off with a rundown from James & Ed about their experience at the Memphis Comic Expo (3:49), which leads into their favorite subject, comics (20:16). Ed hips us to Wytches, Nanney pulls out and oldie but a goodie in Copperhead, James takes us to Realm, and Daniel stays DC with Dark Knights. Finally, the moment at least the guys have been waiting for, the fancast of the recently announced Joker movie produced by Martin Scorsese (39:34). Stay till the end for an unexpected casting that they all agree upon.

Ed Hates Deadpool

Enjoy the tangent filled rants of 4 Nerds as they try their best at podcasting for the first time! (Also, apologies, a few of them were sick during this episode) They've got unpopular opinions on Deadpool (0:16), Boondock Saints (09:11), Unbreakable (13:15), and Clerks (22:50)! They also spoil the ending of Split (19:14), talk about the best movies of 2016 (28:30), and review/recommend comics (48:00)!