The 4 Nerds tackle one of the current fads in the entertainment industry & reboot lost television franchises into movies. Through impromptu plot adaptations and modern casting, the guys have some fun with a few classic shows such as The Jetsons (4:21), Clarissa Explains It All (18:08), Captain Planet (23:18), and finally Doug (35:02). They close out this trip down memory lane with their favorite subject, comics (44:15). Does your favorite franchise deserve a reboot, I Don't Know Man...

Nerds vs. Trump

The 4 Nerds discuss the good, the bad, & the funny moments in Thor: Ragnarok(2:46) before moving to the most anticipated TV series review of the year, Stranger Things: Season 2; what the hell are demodogs?(30:17) They touch on some great comics such as God Complex & We Stand on Guard(62:15), and finally, the moment you've all been waiting for, IDKM gets political with the fancasting of The Donald as a comic book character.(74:36) So sit back & try not to get sucked into The Upside Down.


The 4 Nerds dive into gaming from the jump. Nanney, James, and special guest Arron Williams try and revive Daniel's love for video games 2:28). Ed joins the show via the IDKM Hotline to discuss which video games would make GOOD movies, because there have been so many debacles over the years (52:55). Finally they get to their favorite part, comics (76:57). Strap in for a fun ride down the Oregon Trail. I Don't Know Man.