Comics, Comics, Comics

The 4 Nerds begin by sharing their thoughts and feelings on the trailers & other news from from SDCC 2018. Then they deep dive into all things comics with special guest Jay Bradley. From the boom to the bust, they cover everything. Finally, they finish up with comic recommendations for the week. Alright people, put on your reading glasses. Comics, I Don't Know Man...

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Gideon Falls Fancast

The 4 Nerds make a meal of comics this episode beginning with an appetizer, the comic event of the year, Batman 50 - The Wedding. They move on the their main course, a fancast of Jeff Lemire & Andrea Sorrentino's newly optioned horror comic, Gideon Falls. Their dessert is, you guessed it, comic picks of the week & beyond. Do you see the black barn? Gideon Falls, I Don't Know Man...

E3 & World Cup 2018

The 4 Nerds tackle the latest & greatest from E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) and World Cup 2018. James & Nanney break down the new game trailers and what they are looking forward to in the gaming world while rehashing some of their faves from the past. Daniel & Ed do their best to break down what's so amazing about the world's greatest sporting event, the World Cup, and discuss who their favorite underdog team is to come out of the group stage. They all finsih with some fresh comic picks. So pound some Doritos & Mountain Dew while waving your country's flag. E3, World Cup, I Don't Know Man...

Is the Force With Us?

The 4 Nerds begin with Ed's adventure to the Charlotte Comic Con. Special guest Colter gives them the ins and outs of Cosplay & it's etiquette (3:28). Then they spend the majority of the time discussing likes & dislikes of Star Wars: The Last Jedi (30:20). Finally, they talk about their favorite subject, comics (99:21). Get your X-Wing fueled up with Kyber crystals. Is the Force with this podcast, I Don't Know Man?

Welcome to the Party, Pals

The 4 Nerds recover from their Justice League hangover with a deep dive into the new Avengers: Infinity War trailer (6:10). Then James & Daniel catch Ed and Nanney up with everything that went on with The Punisher on Netflix, and their feelings on the matter (39:56) before moving to their favorite subject, comics (63:18). They finish up with an intense discussion of everyone's favorite Christmas/non-Christmas movie, Die Hard. That's right, they get into the whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie (71:32). Does John McClane make it out of Nakatomi Plaza, I Don't Know Man.