Comics, Comics, Comics

The 4 Nerds begin by sharing their thoughts and feelings on the trailers & other news from from SDCC 2018. Then they deep dive into all things comics with special guest Jay Bradley. From the boom to the bust, they cover everything. Finally, they finish up with comic recommendations for the week. Alright people, put on your reading glasses. Comics, I Don't Know Man...

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SDCC 2018

The 4 Nerds begin with an Ant-Man & The Wasp discussion followed thoughts on the recent announcement of Joaquin Phoenix casting in the upcoming Joker origin story film. Then the fellas, having recorded this episode the week prior to SDCC, try and make predictions about what will be announced as well as anything else that might go down at the biggest Con of the year. Finally, they finish up with their favorite subject, comics. AquaBro & Shazam unite! I Don't Know Man...

Is the Force With Us?

The 4 Nerds begin with Ed's adventure to the Charlotte Comic Con. Special guest Colter gives them the ins and outs of Cosplay & it's etiquette (3:28). Then they spend the majority of the time discussing likes & dislikes of Star Wars: The Last Jedi (30:20). Finally, they talk about their favorite subject, comics (99:21). Get your X-Wing fueled up with Kyber crystals. Is the Force with this podcast, I Don't Know Man?