REVIEW: World Reader #4

If you're looking to sink your teeth into an intimate space opera, I highly recommend World Reader. The story follows a psychic who can read and feel the minds of dead planets, or more specifically, the former inhabitants of said dead planets. Because of her unique talent, she gets to tag along with a space crew whose objective is to find a planet that is suitable for life. As they hop from planet to planet, her job is to use her abilities of 'ghost mind reading' to learn how other civilizations failed.

Of course, most of the 'badass' space crew hates her and doesn't believe in her abilities, so she starts off having to prove herself time and time again. And as she 'mind reads' planets, she sees a pattern of what can only be described as a 'planetary serial killer' on the loose.

Issue 4 picks up with her and a new found love trekking through a dead planet and discovering a symbol that leads to her first introduction into said 'planetary serial killer.' And the issue comes to a close when the space crew reports that they found life, either on that planet or a separate one.

World Reader is definitely a fun and easy read to get into. The art leaves a little bit to be desired. It's very heavy on broad strokes and a little drab on color. The dialogue and description in Issue 4 is short and to the point, so it makes for a quick read that's still very rich in story. If you've got room to on your subscription list at your local comic shop, I would recommend adding this excellent AfterShock title.

- Ed

Rating: 7.5/10