REVIEW: Jean Grey #4

I almost skipped past this title last week, but when I saw that the Unworthy Thor would make an appearance, I decided to give this title another shot. It's not that I don't like the Jean Grey story currently being told, it's just that nothing was very compelling in the first three issues. The gist of the entire arc, so far, is that young Jean Grey starts getting feelings of The Phoenix approaching. This justifiably scares the crap out of her, so she decides to go to the other superheroes who have faced The Phoenix and 'won'.

Issue 4 has Jean Grey travel to a snowy, icy mountain to meet Thor and ask for training so that she can eventually take on The Phoenix. And, of course, Thor is 'drunk' while a small army of ogre-like creatures attempt to kill him.

Some funny and entertaining banter ensues between Jean Grey and Thor while they hold off the ogres, who are surprisingly terrible fighters. I mean, it's a small army against a mutant and a suddenly unworthy god. But of course, Odinson Thor had a plan the entire time, and towards the end of this small and entertaining romp, you realize that you were pretty entertained with this book.

My main concern with this (and other X titles) is the fact that they clearly have been skimping on the art. A lot is left to be desired with the style in this book. It almost looks like it was the draft before the final draft. The art was okay, but it was just missing a unifying quality to it.

Nonetheless, Jean Grey #4 is a harmless and entertaining book that continues down the path of Jean Grey eventually facing off with The Phoenix. Let's hope the payoff is worth it (they better not screw up the Phoenix art).

Rating: 6.5/10

- Ed