Welcome to Anime Corner

Hello fellow Nerds and Nerd-Lites! Nanney here, and I've decided to start my own little corner of the IDKM website dedicated to one of mine and James' personal favorite fandoms... Japanese animation, better known as Anime!

I owe my love of Anime to Cartoon Network's Toonami back in the 90s, as it introduced me to such blessings as Cowboy Bebop, Trigun,  and Gundam Wing. Oh Gundam Wing, you were the start of my love affair with the Mech genre (granted, being both a pilot and a fan of Anime, it's kind of obvious that would become my favorite genre).

This corner of the website is going to be dedicated to letting you all know the Anime that is worth watching, both from cultural significance and some of our personal favorites. You may not agree with the personal favorites and that's fine! That is the beauty of Anime! There are so many different genres that I defy you to try and not find a single one that speaks to you!

Anyway, stay tuned for the first installment!
- Nanney